UUL Appoints Laurel Oldershaw As Director of Gender Equity

The United Ultimate League is excited to announce the appointment of its first board member Laurel Oldershaw. Laurel graduated from Brown University followed by an MBA from UBC Sauder School of Business, with a focus on the economics of women's sports. In July of 2017, Laurel founded Upwind Ultimate which is an organization that increases the value of women in ultimate. Upwind produces its own multimedia content, offers educational courses and workshops, and believes in the power of play to bring people together. Laurel's background proves she's a perfect fit for the Director of Gender Equity position at the UUL. 
What drew you to become a part of the United Ultimate League? 
The opportunity to work with other people to create a gender equitable league from the get-go. 
What are your top goals as becoming a board member?
Pushing the league past the binary, coupling elite competition and education, and growing the sport
How do you see UUL promoting gender equity to the sports world? 
The UUL will promote gender equity by defining gender equity and upholding that definition. The current form of the UUL is not gender equitable because it does not address the imbalance of opportunities that women, Trans, and gender nonbinary have had in history. As the Director of Gender Equity, I'm excited to push the league to actually uphold its values of gender equity.
What are you most excited about with the UUL?
Seeing new and old names crush it on the field. 

Who would be on your UUL All-Star Team? 
Well, if I had to just choose 6: Robyn Wiseman, Opi Payne, Sarah Griffith, Claire Chastain, Anna Thompson, Anraya Palmer
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