• UUL May Not Have Hit Its Funding But Goals Were Met

    Six weeks ago, we announced the idea of the United Ultimate League to the world. Our Kickstarter ended yesterday and unfortunately, we didn't hit our funding goal of $50,000. We did, however, hit $23,387 pledged to our campaign in 28 days with 447 backers — an incredible feat!  We walk away ... View Post
  • Last Day To Fund The UUL

    We have reached the final day of our Kickstarter campaign. As of now, we are at $21,694 with 413 backers with 14 hours to go!  We chose Kickstarter because it's all or nothing campaign. So if we do not reach our $50,000 goal no money is collected from our backers.  With some simple math, we can r... View Post
  • UUL Responds to GEAG & AUDL Boycotters Gender Equity Questions

    In January, the Gender Equity Action Committee and AUDL Boycotters requested the UUL answer the following questions. We submitted our responses on Feb 2 and still awaiting a formal statement from the group. It is with great pleasure we release the questions and responses to the Ultimate community! If you believe in a gender equity pro league, please donate to our Kickstarter View Post