• Five Ultimate Sponsors UUL Kickstarter!

    We're excited to announce that Five Ultimate has become a UUL Kickstarter Sponsor! Five has graciously donated 25 custom Daywalker Hoodies to our Kickstarter. These limited edition babies will be available for a $100+ donation. 

    Five Ultimate is a huge advocate for #genderequity and the sport of Ultimate. It means so much knowing that Five gives its support to the UUL! 

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  • Atlanta Bucket for UUL

    Bucket would like to publicly lend our support to the UUL. We write to you today to ask for your donation to this cause. It is quick and easy, and we would lend the same level of support to any professional league that promotes gender equity and self-officiating as core values. There are only 12 days left to donate, and if they do not reach their funding goal, you get your money back.

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  • UltiPhotos named official photographer of UUL

    The UUL is proud to announce that UltiPhotos has been named the official photographer of the UUL. UltiPhotos is the premier provider of Ultimate team and event photography in the US and Canada.  View Post